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I finally got my best friend saying “bro” .

My life would make for an amazing spanish soap opera.

I’m on that mens- wear, chino/harem pant, wayfrayer, blazer, cuffed pants, button up dress shoe, stiletto, pumps steeze all day.

They really are the best combos! Classy, sophisticated, casual, and classic.

Congrats to Miguel Cotto!

You fought an AMAZING fight.

Give your dreams the wings to fly,

You’ve got everything you need if you just believe.

Dear future fiance,

I can’t wait to plan our marriage ceremony.

December 3rd 2011

My day consisted of: SAT subject tests, purchasing my Ray Bans, piano lessons for Ink; she paid me $50, Breaking Dawn with my mom♥, Tinsel Town tree lighting and snow, dinner with my parents, ice cream for dessert, a little window shopping and bought a cute rug for my room, now Aubrey Graham on Chelsey Lately. Great day for me!

Hope everyone else has/ had a fab day!

Croc skin bag.

Some days, you just need to be fancy.